Good discussion here:   A distinction I would like to make is that the clip-on/casual carry holster is a straight drop IWB. I hate the trend of calling a foldover/taco holster that is vertical an AIWB holster. This particular holster...Read More

End of June updates

Got a few things that should be on the site somewhere.   Warranty/Returns/Exchanges:  If the course of action involves a refund please allow 7-10 days for us to get the refund to you.  Based on our payment processing and any...Read More


Backlog:  4-8 weeks.  We are doing our best to batch items and work as efficiently as possible.  Some items are going ahead of others but only to get the most product out the fastest without sacrificing quality.  Sheaths:  Our Belt...Read More


The current state of things is sold out, backordered, and lord only knows when you can get ammo.  We aren't that bad but we are still dancing on the edge of going over our quoted times for 3 weeks worth...Read More


We got some reviews back, check them out at  We will be rolling out more models as we get more knives but if you have a shorter knife and/or trainer we can take a look at it.  Even a...Read More

AIWB pt. 2

Our AIWB has received favorable comments thus far.  We have a few more testers awaiting theirs to try out and are still feeling pretty good.   Shirt:  We have our tshirts in stock and ready to go.  $16 shipped, see...Read More