Email List

New email list.  We don't expect to send out too much, just some important stuff, sales, and coupons. [mc4wp_form id="4493"]

Ruger SP101

A little update on our clip-ons for these...  We make them to the 3" model for a few reasons.  First and foremost the length added over the 2.25" is minimal while worn but it has been shown over the years...Read More

Lead Time as of March 2016

Most orders are getting out at around 3 weeks but some may be up to 8 weeks.  A few items are backlogged longer than that but they're dwindling.  We'll update when things improve.   Expect some new stuff soon too!

Local Orders

Effective immediately for all new orders we will have a smaller radius of meeting spots.  We're dangerously close to our backlog goal and spending hours in the evening consumes too much time.


Please add our email address to your address book to avoid our replies heading to the spam box.