Yes, we’re supporting Taurus now.  Why?  Well…  Their new CEO and staff.  Things changed a little over two years back and their new CEO started making the necessary moves to improve the products coming from Taurus, as well as releasing some really awesome new stuff.  Their TX22 is among the best semi-auto 22’s, if not THE best service pistol styled 22.  In addition, their revolvers have always been sound, now they’re subject to much more stringent standards.  Check out this interview to hear much more than we can post here.


Now for the stuff people are asking about.  The small frame revolver Apollo is live on the Taurus website now.  The optics ready, TORO version is coming soon.  We have several other models for Taurus on the way in the coming weeks before that, so subscribe to our newsletter to find out when they drop and other news!