Ok, we didn’t mean it, but in typing this out Letterkenny came to mind.  Anyway, we’ve added a few things that have been requested for quite a while now.  First is the Holster Spacer Kit.  It’s nothing special, just two sets of the spacers needed to replace our compressible spacers on the Orion and Hitchhiker holsters.  Why two?  Well, packing them costs us more money than the parts, so we need to charge what we do, but in doing so, we can give ya an extra set to make it more worthwhile.  We think it’s silly that they have to cost that, but there’s just no way around it.  Next up, we finally took some pics of our Metal Spring Clip.  Somehow this always missed a photo session.  Lastly, our Apollo Retention Adjustment Kit was added to do what we should’ve done in 2011 when we made the first holster style that became the Apollo.  The idea is to have a fixed retention holster, something with little room for error, but have it such that users can still adjust it as desired.  There are lots of metal guns with varying radii on the inside of the trigger guard, so sometimes the holsters need adjustment.  Opening the halves of the Apollo and adding a small amount of space usually does the trick.  We have these spacers made for us and we sized them to be around the thickness where you get a meaningful adjustment while also being able to use multiples to fine tune the feel.  There is a secret here though, a business card will also work in this role.  Cut up a few slivers of a card, add some masking tape, or fold up a gum wrapper and you can do the same.  If you want a nice little kit, we got you.

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