FAQ/Stuff you should know…

How long will it take to reply to my email?

At most a day or two.  Sometimes things get caught in spam.  We check all spam message subject lines.  Unless your subject is boner pills it will likely be picked up a few days late.

No phone?

We do have a phone but prefer to not use it.  Email captures all the details and we can look back to it.  If you insist we can call you.  We use a Google Voice number, makes the stalkers really work for it.


We do this on a case by case basis for some reasons.  If you get a holster and hate it just send it back in original condition and we’ll refund the holster cost.  If we screwed it up we’ll send you a shipping label for the return.   We will limit this to 14 days from receipt of the item per the tracking number.  If you wish to exchange for full credit it shall also carry the 14 day limit.  Beyond the 14 days we will have a 15% restocking fee.  This is less of a restock and more so a small encouragement to determine how things work a little more quickly.  We will likely list the item as used for a discount or give it away to someone in need or a group that can benefit from the sale.  No refunds after 30 days.  If the course of action involves a refund please allow 7-10 days for us to get the refund to you.  Based on our payment processing and any potential issues this should be sufficient time to handle them.

Ultimately we are just gun people who bust ass to be good people.  Shoot us an email and we’ll do what we can to work things out.


Let us know what happened and why, we’ll try to make it right.  If you’ve modified the items we reserve the right to deny any claim.  We will do our best though to be reasonable.  If you lop off a sweat shield and the holster cracks elsewhere then perhaps it wasn’t the modification that caused the issue.  This also encourages training.  There are some things that we do that cause unavoidable wear and potential damage to holsters.  Having someone fall on you with an empty holster in ECQC isn’t an issue.  We do require that the broken items be returned to us and at a minimum a few pics and some details.  We strive to always improve and breakages help drive improvement.

Custom colors and patterns?

We think it’s almost bullshit that people charge for different colors.  That said, it is a pain in the ass to stock the now available tactical rainbow.  We stick to a grey, black, red, orange, fde, toxic green/zombie green (our signature color), pink, and have some leftovers hanging out.  We will at some point add a small surcharge to get colors we don’t stock.  Until then…  Patterns are 100% custom and require an upfront payment and potential proof process for the image.  It generally will cost us just under $20 to get what we need, for single sided custom print.  A blanket $30 covers the extra care and time needed to ensure we don’t mess things up.  Camo patterns that are not custom will be “market” rate, meaning what it costs us to get it is about what we’ll charge you.  We’re not in the business of marking things up but it does take time.

Van Halen or Van Hagar?

Van Hagar all the way.  We think it was just a touch better musically.

What about my knife?

We can make a sheath for most anything but we have a favored style and carriage method.  We are capable of making anything but our time has been spent developing the belt wrap sheath.  They’re pretty slick and most people like them a lot.  Hell, others are making them too.

Why won’t my belt fit?

We work to fit as many belts as we can.  Some of the Blackhawk and 5.11 belts are almost 1/4″ thick, they are the exception and if you use one let us know.  Otherwise we test all holsters with Volund Gearworks belts.  They are cheap, well made, and they flat out work.  Not too stiff like some and if you like a less rigid belt they have an option there too.

Why you no discount!?!?

Our prices are the prices.  Very rarely is there a discount, mostly on new things at the release.  It sucks to see people abuse discounts or folks milk for every dime.  The fairest is to have one price.  We do however throw our customers some savings now and again when they drop large orders.  Sometimes it’s a little nuts to see $550 worth of stuff that fits in a flat rate box.  We try to help there.

Threaded barrels?

These are a little of a pain for us.  In most cases we have workarounds.  The best case would be to send us your barrel, we likely have the actual gun it fits.  Threaded barrels look cool but in some cases we just can’t make it work exactly like people want.  Email us, let’s talk about it.

Why don’t you have my gun?!?

We could get by selling only Glock holsters.  We know it is a Glock world but lots of really awesome people don’t shoot Glocks.  We do our best to cover a few of the most common guns.  For some guns we will trade a blue gun for a holster, for some we won’t.  For some we can use your provided blue gun and give you a small discount to ship it to us.  For some we just won’t make it.  That’s not because we don’t like you, it’s because in order to deliver a good product that is consistent sometimes you gotta say no.  We will however point you somewhere to get things squared away.  Our goal isn’t to make money, it’s to help you carry your gun.  That may mean referring you to the best option for you.

My holster doesn’t feel quite right?!?

Send us an email and let us know why/how you think it’s not working.  Might be our fault or you may just need to move things around a little.  Lots of stuff varies between users so we do our best to accommodate everyone out of the box.  Sometimes we need to tweak things, sometimes you need to tweak things.  We’ve kept good track of what has worked for others and can usually get everyone squared away quickly.   The biggest culprit is usually too stiff of a belt.  It’s become fashionable to have a belt that can serve as a tow strap for a tank.  Most often a slightly less rigid belt prevents the holster from working (wedge) and has enough flex.

How do I get in touch with yinz?

Email: info@darkstargear.com, darkstargear@gmail.com, bug us at Facebook.com/darkstargear too if you have to.  Sometimes email screws up.  


We have a webstore now for most items, the following no longer applies.

How do I place an order?

We take orders via email.  You email us telling us what ya want, we make sure it’s good to go and confirm, we make it, you pay for it, we ship it.  Hopefully you like it, if not we figure that out.

Why do you do it this way?

Our stuff is pretty standard but we find that with holsters things are very subjective.  Emails are free and cheaper than sending a holster back or having someone sell it a week later.

You really don’t have an e-commerce page?

Nope.  Our volume is pretty decent despite talking with all the customers.  We have enough folks who wind up getting something other than a holster we make to make it worthwhile.  Remember, these are people who may wind up mad if we don’t take a return or they have to sell a brand new holster and start waiting all over again.  As a shooter and gear accumulator I know how this feels.  Emails are free, time and shipping over and over again is now.