We’ve been getting this one a little more these days.  Given that there are a few ways to attach appendix carry it’s not always common to see some of the AIWB features.

We define them as:

  • Belt wedge
  • Muzzle Wedge
  • Claw/Wing
  • Muzzle Extension

There are more but these are what we use.  Our full size adjustable AIWB is a belt wedge.  We manipulate the shape under the belt to point the muzzle and grip in favorable directions.  Our small autos use a muzzle extension.  We use a longer holster to act as a keel, move the corner of the muzzle off of soft tissue at the pelvis, and for stability overall.  A muzzle wedge might be a foam pad under the muzzle, this moves the corner of the holster/muzzle off of the soft tissue and forces the muzzle out.  We prefer a muzzle extension to a muzzle wedge but both do similar things.  Current practices require replacement of the muzzle wedge whereas the muzzle extension never wears out.  Last is the claw/wing.  These trail the gun along the belt line and lever the grip inward.  The claw/wing does similar things as the belt wedge while keeping the thickness down.  Folks will find different features and combinations to work differently but we’ve pooled from years of customers and loads of knowledge from others to reach what we feel is a decent balance.