We’re in a time now where if one wants a good appendix holster they can go to any number of long standing makers and get something that works.  They can get it in red, blue, black, orange, lefty, righty, and get it tomorrow.  We also happen to be in a time where folks are slapping another “A” in front of a straight drop IWB holster to boost sales.  The thing is…  This works.  So do the holsters.  Not everyone needs a $30+ upcharge on an IWB with some bulgy things to conceal their gun, sometimes the tried and true will still work.  When it won’t it really won’t and that’s a concern.  One of the efforts started by Todd Green of Pistol-Training.com was to work up some definitions so we can better discuss things.  I’m gonna do my best to link those here below, as well as copy them.




Snap 2016-06-26 at 12.58.29Official vote that will affect gun culture lingo for all time.

When talking about a typical holster (hip, iwb, aiwb) do you consider the BOTTOM of the holster to be:

* the end where the muzzle is (lowest portion of holster on your body)


* the end where the grip sticks out (“bottom” of the gun if you were holding it in your hand)

Muzzle or grip?


Second post in the series…


So based on the unanimous agreement that the “bottom” of the holster is the part closest to the ground (where the muzzle end is, with regard to a typical belt/thigh holster):

* Rotation around the x-axis (front to back axis) is ROLL, which we commonly call the “cant” of the holster.

* Rotation around the y-axis (side to side axis) is PITCH, which is what pushes the muzzle out to push the grip in toward the body (a la the wedges first introduced in the Garrity’s Gunleather In-Victus and now used as optional/add-on foam in many holsters such as the Keepers Concealment AIWB).

* Rotation around the z-axis (top to bottom axis) is YAW, which is what pushes the butt in while making the slide stick out a bit (a la the Custom Carry Concepts,LLC Shaggy, 5 Shot Leather, LLC SME, and holsters based on that design).