Koala AIWB Mag Pouch


Using the holes the user can adjust the depth of the magazine and the ride height of the pouch in order to get the best position for comfort, speed, and concealment.

  • Do not select a special print without confirming that we have it on hand. This may cause a delay in your order.
  • Select your strong hand side. Right handed shooters will select right handed, you will receive a carrier to wear on the support hand side (left).

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It’s here!  The Koala features never before seen adjustable insertion depth optimize for center-line carry as well as adjustable ride height.  Made for plastic or metal mags with a friction fit.  It also works well for IWB carry.  The extra length eliminates a hard corner underneath the belt and provides often needed stability to prevent outward rotation and printing.


Right handed shooters will select “Right handed” under the drop down menu and we will send a pouch for the left side.  Left handed shooters will select “Left Handed” under the drop down menu.

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Black, Black Twill, Coyote Brown, First Available Subdued Color, Grey, Grey twill, Hot Pink, OD Green/Ranger Green, Orange, Orange Twill, Purple, Purple Twill, Red, Royal Blue, Tiffany Blue Twill, Toxic Green, Toxic Green Twill


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