Our current stock of Flatpack are all BRIGHT ORANGE.

Until now, the EDC of a tourniquet involved a number of compromises. Windlass tourniquets, like the combat proven CAT and SOFTT-Wide, required bulky cases or pocket carry with rubber bands. Or some slimmer elastic tourniquet was used, which may be more difficult to operate with one hand or might not adequately occlude blood flow. The Flatpack solves all of these problems. Simply flat-fold your tourniquet of choice and secure it to the backboard. With adjustable tension, any tourniquet will fit. With the loops removed, it remains compact in the pocket and easy to deploy one-handed, unlike rubber bands. With the soft-loops installed, it can be worn horizontally on the belt. With the MALICE clip installed, it can be carried vertically on the belt or on any gear with MOLLE webbing. The Flatpack is the most versitile and lowest-profile tourniquet carrier available and it eliminates any and all excuses for not having a vital and life-saving tourniquet on-body.


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The PHLster Flatpack™ Carrier for EDC Tourniquet carry.


Our current stock of Flatpack are all BRIGHT ORANGE.


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