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Our muzzle pad is a precision cut foam pad shaped to work with most users on a service pistol sized holster.  This is a production version of an age old DIY modification.  We decided that chopping up old holster foam wasn’t ideal and sought out a more finished solution.  The pad is installed on the back side, between the wearer and the holster, to position the muzzle outward and fine tune comfort and contact of the holster with the body.  This pad is a little fuller as the thickness is the same all around, 1/2″ and the shape provides a little more standoff all around.


Now shipping with a 4″ strip of 1.5″ wide loop Velcro®.


Note:  The velcro will adhere quite well, well enough that we suggest using a business card or credit card to remove and adjust the pad.  Simply slide it between the hook and loop portions of velcro to prevent tearing the hook side off.


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