Finally! We have threatened a 1911 holster for years, longer than any other product. We have always had a few in the wild, but our goal was to always make something for the 1911 aficionado. Not just something that works for one or two, but all of their 1911’s.

The biggest holdup has been rails. Barring length, there are at least five configurations on rails that we counted, and that’s still leaving a handful on the table. The agonizing occurred over the M45A1. While they’re not something you see at the range often, they’re prominent enough that they’ve come up in every survey and sampling we’ve done. The fact that it’s a Colt makes it that much more important that we support it. The final answer was a universal 1911 holster. This does come with some drawbacks, but we feel what it brings to the table goes a long way to make up for it. If you have a commander length Wilson, without a rail, you will hear the holster move when you’re holding it. Once you put the holstered gun on, the belt and body all but eliminate the small amount of movement and resolve any concerns. This is a choice, and a choice that may preclude some folks from wanting one. If that’s you, we’d love to hear it. Our first 1911 holster has to be the one that fits them all. We chose the Apollo line for multiple reasons, but the biggest one is reaching as many of our customers as possible. Second is price. If we’re going to make a small concession to fit anything that has Colt on the slide, we shouldn’t do that in a $250 holster, there’s just a different level of expectations. But for a $50 IWB holster that can be carried in the appendix position (AIWB) with a Dark Wing runs less than a decent meal anymore, that’s not a bad way to go.

So what does it fit? Well… Let’s start with the most limiting pistols, the Colt 1911’s with the dual recoil system found in the M45A1, Rail Gun, and a few others. This was added for good reason, and our friends at Modern Service Weapons have a pretty definitive article on it. Better they explain it than us. This is currently found in the:

Colt Combat Unit

Colt Custom Shop CQB

As well as a range of M45A1 versions sold to the public on release, and in auction:

Most of your Nighthawk Custom 1911’s will fit, along with Chambers Custom, Kimber, and so many more. It’s going to be hard to find something that doesn’t fit, and if you do, double check that it won’t work in the 2011 Apollo. Your square trigger guard 1911’s will most likely fit in that.


Back to the Apollo… The Apollo is a streamlined inside the waistband holster that is ambidextrous and can be easily converted to appendix carry with the addition our our Dark Wing, and regardless of position, the sleek holster can be supplemented with pads and wedges.