The SHOT early releases are already surpassing what many thought would be a relatively light year.  Out the gate, the H9 from Daniel Defense revives the 2017 unveiling.  With so many new things introduced, I wonder what DD has done under the hood to bring it into production.  We’re gonna keep our eyes on this one…  The Humble Marksman has a video out worth watching.

The biggest surprise for us today was the Taurus Expedition 18″ rifle.  At under a grand, it seems enticing for someone like myself who doesn’t want to go all out on a gun that I can’t outshoot, but the street price potential has me checking for the listing to pop up.

Taurus also continues to get it, showing the Expedition mounted on a tripod as seems to be the norm these days.

May be an image of 1 person and skeet shooting

Photo from Taurus’ Facebook page.