Universal Upgrade Package


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All three muzzle pads will allow you to refine both concealment and comfort on any IWB holster, pouch, or AIWB holster. Eliminate hot spots or enhance concealment. Our Dark Wing and Light Wing adapt to the common wing hole patterns and refine concealment and comfort, reduce wing movement, and the aggressive teeth grip the pants better to lock in.

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This package includes all of our pads, a Dark Wing, Light Wing, and the hardware needed to fit most holsters.

You’re gonna get the teardrop muzzle pad, the flat teardrop muzzle pad, the square muzzle pad, Dark Wing, Light Wing, 4 screw posts, and 4 screws to attach to most wing/lever based holsters.


The Science of Concealment

With Dark Star Gear you can dress professionally and have the ultimate concealment systems. From firearms to accessories and blade sheaths you won’t find a product line better fit for all types of dress.