Soft Teardrop Muzzle Pad


Add a muzzle pad to the bottom of your holster to increase comfort and concealment, and fine tune your holster to your body.  Our injection molded foam pad will work for most users seeking that little extra!

In stock (can be backordered)

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Our muzzle pad is an injection molded foam pad shaped to work with most users on a service pistol sized holster.  This is a production version of an age old DIY modification.  We decided that chopping up old holster foam wasn’t as ideal or clean and sought out a more finished solution.  The pad is installed on the back side, between the wearer and the holster, to position the muzzle outward and fine tune comfort and contact of the holster with the body.



For a different feel, see the flat teardrop or the flat square pads.  

Ships with a 4″ strip of 1.5″ wide loop fastener.




Note:  The skin of the foam may imprint easily.  A little heat from a hair dryer will relieve most marks.  Regardless, they are cosmetic and won’t create any long term issues.  Once worn a few times the user will wear in some marks of their own on the surface.  This is a small trade-off for a closed cell pad that won’t absorb sweat.  We’ve also found a small amount of edge separation of the hook fastener may occur.  This is due to the foam being flexible and the hook fastener is not.  A small amount of edge peel may occur, but over years of wear now, the initial peel has not continued.  This is not noticed in use.