Klarus E3


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The Klarus E3 is the latest in the E Series, featuring quick access to both full power and strobe modes using the dual button tailcap.  It has replaced our E2 with higher output and a larger battery, all with USB-C charging.

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Klarus E3

Latest Addition to the Infamous E-Series

Treat yourself to the newest E-series flashlight: the Klarus E3. Expanding on the critical success of the previous lights the E1 and E2, the E3 ups the ante with a 21700 battery, 2,200 lumens, and USB-C charging. All this and more packed into a compact body that is less than 5.5″ long!

Signature 5th Generation Switch

Easily toggle between outputs, outdoor or tactical settings, and more via the dual tail switch. This 5th generation switch has a larger surface area for easy activation and more control with or without gloves on. Plus, use single-handedly while out in the field and retain access to your favorite one-touch modes like moonlight and strobe.

Built-in USB-C Charging

Get a full recharge in less than 4 hours thanks to USB-C charging built into the E3. The 2A charging current works quickly to get the 21700 battery fully charged without ever having to remove it from the light itself. Before you know it, your light will be ready to be back in the field by your side in no time flat.


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