Fixed Retention Kit


This replacement spacer kit converts your adjustable retention holster to fixed retention. Enigma users, this kit is recommended to prevent rotation and allow for tighter lockup with the Enigma faceplate.

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Our fixed retention kit will allow you to convert your adjustable retention holster to a fixed retention holster.  This will allow for increased torque on the screws, resulting in an increased clamping force and prevent concealment wing wiggle, loosening of retention, and if you’re an Enigma user, you ensure your faceplate stays tight.

Our kit uses multiple spacers to get the right feel and fit for your holster.  The thicker spacers will allow for coarse adjustment from 0.125″ to 0.3125″ in 1/16″ increments, and the thinner spacers can be added to further refine the feel to get things just right.  Simply measure the ideal retention setting on your current holster, between the holster halves, and select the thick spacers that get close, and add in thinner spacers as needed to fine tune the feel.


The kit includes four 0.125″ spacers, two 0.1875″ spacers, and six 0.015″ spacers, allowing the kit to work with the most common holsters on the market using 0.250″ rubber spacers and our holsters using 0.1875″ EPDM spacers.




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