Combo Pack


Get a holster with your choice of pad.

  • Select the pistol you would like the holster for.
  • DCC Mod 4 Universal 1.5" or PTD Snap Loops
  • Choose a Dark Wing to help rotate the grip inward for increased concealment when carrying in the appendix position.
  • Choose between our soft teardrop, flat teardrop, or the flat square pad.
  • If you would like to remove the Dark Wing to carry traditional IWB, shorter screws will be required.
  • $0.00

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For more details on the individual holsters offered, see our pages sorted by manufacturer:

Heckler & Koch
Polymer 80
SIG Sauer
Smith & Wesson

The combo pack comes with your choice of holster and attachment with our best selling holster pad, just as most order things anyway.  The new offering is the addition of Discreet Carry Concepts clips as an option.  Select DCC’s to get your holster set up with a pair of Mod 4 Universal (1.5″) clips and the appropriate fixed retention hardware to ensure things are tight and tuned to your liking.


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