In an ideal scenario, all products would be uniformly priced. However, at Dark Star Gear, we find it necessary to apply different pricing for colored holsters when they are available. The base price of our holsters includes the color black, which is a standard option. For those who are open to a bit of a surprise, we offer the ‘first available subdued color’ as a complimentary alternative. This option will likely result in a black holster, but there’s also a chance to receive other colors such as grey, OD, or coyote, depending on our current overruns.

For other color choices beyond these options, an additional charge is applicable. This charge varies based on the size and complexity of the holster. The specific pricing details for these colors can be found in the drop-down menu on our website, where this option is available.

Regarding patterned holsters, we also have a selection of common patterns, with their pricing clearly indicated in the drop-down menu. For those interested in other, more unique patterns, we handle these requests on a case-by-case basis. The pricing for these special patterns is determined based on the time required for production and the availability of the materials needed.