M&P Shield

We are currently taking orders on the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.  These are great little guns if you need one this size and we are using our small-holster approach and pressing out some nice little holsters.   Email us @ to order one today.  We are shipping them in less than a week currently.

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Has anyone tried 300BLK yet?  The Dark Star Gear crew would love some hands on time with it, especially since we have a few carbine classes booked in the near future.  We have been missing every chance thus far to get our hands on some ammo to shoot and missed our window of opportunity to borrow an upper to try.  Feel free to chime in on our Facebook page or email us.

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April already?

When DSG was started the idea was to bring forth some ideas that were thought to be great solutions for a majority of users out there. The prototypes and testing have finally brought us what we hope to be a great AIWB holster that ties in many requests from users. With that said the demand may be high or it may flop, regardless we are posting a temporary lead time of 12-16 weeks on all new orders. Appendix holsters will be made on a batch basis starting soon. Details will be posted as they become available.

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It's been a while since any kind of an update but here goes. Have a few new ideas coming up, hopefully some that will solve a problem many have. Also taking input on an appendix holster. Our wait time is still around 6-8 weeks with some batch items hitting the mail sooner. As we close in on our appendix project we might halt orders or extend the wait time but only to allow us to batch up some aiwb holsters. We will build a small stock of popular holsters in the mean time to address our most common requests. Watch out for updates on our Facebook page.

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November Update

With November almost in the bag we felt it was time for a short update.   First off is the ever important wait time.  As our popularity grows our wait time has been falling more slowly, but still getting there.  Let's call it 4-8 weeks to be safe.   Next order is our Facebook page.  If you have been sucked into Facebook like so many of us have please check out: Maybe even share our page on your wall.   Last order, there are a few holsters that are up for immediate shipment and will be listed as the week closes.  First up is a right handed G17/22/31 holster.  It is OD green with a forward cant.   1911 shooters, we should have something for you by the weeks end.      

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Some new stuff

So for the past few months, prior to creating the website, there has been a strong desire to really separate our gear from that of other makers.   In addition to that, the new product offerings will also go a long way to separate us as well.  Our gear has always been made with the smallest footprint we could get away with.  Modularity suffers, but that is not quite our bag.  We believe that a firearm can be concealed with a smaller holster or mag pouch.  It has also been observed that very little of our products have been modified from their original form. The last few days were an excellent opportunity to observe a friend from RS Regulate use a new product or two in a training class environment.  Having had our carbine mag pouches perform favorably in past multi-day classes,  seeing an AK mag pouch work just we as well was great.  The owner of RS, Scot, also used what we hope to call our "normal" holster.  It can be seen on our main page, the OD green M&P Compact holster with a minimal footprint and minimal kydex overall.  No reports of digging into the hips or other issues covering a multitude of shooting positions. For myself, I confirmed over 7 days that I feel the HSGI Taco magazine pouches are superior to kydex in most every way when using a padded belt.  I also had a chance to confirm the performance of zip ties over kydex loops to mount a holster to a padded belt.  The padded belt can move around and in the past has broken the fasteners on multiple brands of holsters.  I feel that the fasteners were all sourced from the same

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Wait times

Due to a busy training schedule mid-July, we are projecting a 5-7 week wait time. After training, where DSG holsters and pouches will be further tested and run hard, we will hit the ground running and hopefully shorten that wait time.  

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To those clicking from the many internet forums out there welcome to this little thing we have going on. As you can see there is some kydex stuff we make, but what you don't know is that we are more than that. In the coming weeks something new and different will be here and we can't wait to show you. In the mean time we appreciate any feedback on the website. -DSG

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Ready to Ship!

We currently have 3 GI mag pouches ready to go. They are right handed, bullets forward to be worn on the left side. The colors are OD, coyote, and black. Also ready to ship are two M&P 45 FS holsters, each coyote with a reduced sweatguard. One is for just the gun, the other is for a mounted Surefire X300. Send us an email if interested. We will do a special rate in the holsters alone and on multiple pouches. -DSG

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First Blog Post

Without trying to bore people or flood the page with posts, we will still try to keep things up to date here.  Currently there are a few people/places/things we are working on for our links page.  We are also sifting through previous orders to update where our gear has been.  We also have a few products in development with some good people ready to T&E the gear.  Our other product line had a great success this weekend for the first formal class debut.  More info to come later. We hope to do many things to show off our stuff, but what we feel works the best are customer pics.  Lots of people can take pics of everything they make, but a satisfied customer will take their own.  We hope to build a nice gallery of customer pics shortly.  If you have any content now, feel free to contact us.  In the coming months as we grow there are some plans for photo contests and possible giveaways. Finally, we need a logo.  If anyone has any ideas or knows someone who is pretty good at it, send them our way.   Thanks, DSG

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