So for the past few months, prior to creating the website, there has been a strong desire to really separate our gear from that of other makers.   In addition to that, the new product offerings will also go a long way to separate us as well.  Our gear has always been made with the smallest footprint we could get away with.  Modularity suffers, but that is not quite our bag.  We believe that a firearm can be concealed with a smaller holster or mag pouch.  It has also been observed that very little of our products have been modified from their original form.

The last few days were an excellent opportunity to observe a friend from RS Regulate use a new product or two in a training class environment.  Having had our carbine mag pouches perform favorably in past multi-day classes,  seeing an AK mag pouch work just we as well was great.  The owner of RS, Scot, also used what we hope to call our “normal” holster.  It can be seen on our main page, the OD green M&P Compact holster with a minimal footprint and minimal kydex overall.  No reports of digging into the hips or other issues covering a multitude of shooting positions.

For myself, I confirmed over 7 days that I feel the HSGI Taco magazine pouches are superior to kydex in most every way when using a padded belt.  I also had a chance to confirm the performance of zip ties over kydex loops to mount a holster to a padded belt.  The padded belt can move around and in the past has broken the fasteners on multiple brands of holsters.  I feel that the fasteners were all sourced from the same place, but regardless, durability concerns existed.  The zip ties are simple and lacking in appearance, but they work.  This will continue to be our preferred method to mount a concealed carry holster to a padded belt or “war belt”.


Wait times are around 6-8 weeks right now with batched products shipping quicker.