Beretta 92 Orion


Our latest IWB/AIWB.  Without the claw it’s a slim IWB with versatile and secure mounting options.  Add the Dark Wing to move it to the appendix position.

  • Add a Dark Wing to help rotate the grip inward for increased concealment. Left handed users: we will substitute a Raven Concealment Vanguard Claw.
  • Choice between a flush trim or a covered threaded barrel (M9A3).
  • Hooked clip or PTD Snap Loops
  • $0.00

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Beretta 92 Series Orion.

This will fit all of your favorite 92’s with the exception of the 92-A1.  If it comes from Langdon Tactical or Wilson Combat, it fits.


Elite LTT, Wilson Brigadier, M9A3, etc.


The Flush muzzle trim is designed for the Langdon Tactical Elite barrel.  Standard 92 barrels will protrude a small amount.

Additional information

Holster Information


Carry Position

Appendix, Specialty, Strongside

Carry Type

Inside the Waistband (IWB), Specialty

Firearm Compatibility
Firearm Fitment

Beretta 92, Beretta 96, Beretta M9, Beretta M9A1, Beretta M9A2, Beretta M9A3, Beretta M9A4


Black, Black Twill, Coyote Brown, Dark Grey Heather, First Available Subdued Color, Grey, Grey twill, Hot Pink, OD Green/Ranger Green, Orange, Orange Twill, Purple, Purple Twill, Red, Royal Blue, Tiffany Blue Twill, Toxic Green, Toxic Green Twill

2 reviews for Beretta 92 Orion

  1. Benjamin Johnson (verified owner)

    I bought this holster on a whim after seeing the good troll’s discount code for Dark Star Gear. I had heard about the company for years from people with opinions I respected, but I had somehow never gotten one for myself. I am forever grateful for finally choosing to purchase one, out of the 15 or so quality holsters I have, this may be my favorite. My occupation isn’t very sexy, I’m a college student and stay at home Dad. However, with that role I am forever bending, squatting, carrying, or a million other things in very inconvenient positions to take care of my two small sons. This holster makes carrying the LTT through all of that not just bearable, but easy. I don’t have to adjust it, it doesn’t drive into my leg making me neglect to slide down a slide meant for children, it allows me to sit on the floor comfortably, and holds the gun securely through all activities, including cartwheels. That’s something I can’t really say about most of my other holsters.

    In use at the range the holster seems to almost push the gun into my hands on the draw, and when I go to holster it grabs securely and easily. The Dark Wing also makes concealing a full-size pistol in a T-shirt quite easy. I will never tell anyone that one company or one holster will be the perfect choice for everyone, but for me this is as close to perfection that I have found. So much so that I just placed an order for an Orion for my G17, and of course it will be in the Toxic Green Twill color.

  2. Rob Townley (verified owner)

    I’ll keep it short. I have lots of pistols, lots of holsters. Something ole retired cops of my generation do. This is hands down the best holster I’ve ever owned. Worth the wait. Excellent communication and quick ship. I will order again soon. Thank you guys.
    Rob T.

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