M&P Shield

We are currently taking orders on the new Smith & Wesson M&P Shield.  These are great little guns if you need one this size and we are using our small-holster approach and pressing out some nice little holsters.


Email us @ info@darkstargear.com to order one today.  We are shipping them in less than a week currently.

2 thoughts on “M&P Shield

  1. Where are the photods of your small holsters like for the SW Shield and SW J-frame? Also, would you consider making a holster with special mounting for a overweight guy in a power wheelchair? I have some ideas of where I can locate my 1911 and my backup SW Shield or J-Frame SW but I wondered if you ever had the opportunity to think this far outside the box. Lots of us old Rangers ended up in wheelchairs after service and many like myself wore our shoulders out to the point of needing a power wheelchair!

    Alan Waldrop

    1. Alan,
      The smaller gun holster pics can be found on our Facebook page but we have plans for more here. It has been a struggle between getting holsters out the door and taking time to take some new pics. We have improved our camera and lenses but not the time. Soon I hope. As for the wheelchair holster we love new ideas. If you got a little bit of time to let us do our thing we tend to take on most challenges. Email me with your idea and we can go from there.