Without trying to bore people or flood the page with posts, we will still try to keep things up to date here.  Currently there are a few people/places/things we are working on for our links page.  We are also sifting through previous orders to update where our gear has been.  We also have a few products in development with some good people ready to T&E the gear.  Our other product line had a great success this weekend for the first formal class debut.  More info to come later.

We hope to do many things to show off our stuff, but what we feel works the best are customer pics.  Lots of people can take pics of everything they make, but a satisfied customer will take their own.  We hope to build a nice gallery of customer pics shortly.  If you have any content now, feel free to contact us.  In the coming months as we grow there are some plans for photo contests and possible giveaways.

Finally, we need a logo.  If anyone has any ideas or knows someone who is pretty good at it, send them our way.