If you are experiencing issues with your holster, we encourage you to contact us via email to discuss the specifics of your situation. At Dark Star Gear, we understand that holster fitment can vary among different users, so we strive to ensure our products accommodate everyone effectively right out of the box. However, we recognize that sometimes adjustments are necessary. Whether these adjustments need to be made on our end or by the user, our team is well-equipped to guide you through the process. We have compiled a wealth of knowledge based on what has successfully worked for other customers, enabling us to resolve most issues swiftly.

One common issue we have identified is the use of overly stiff belts. While exceptionally rigid belts have become popular, often being likened to tow straps for heavy-duty vehicles, they may not always be the best choice for holster functionality. A belt with a slight flexibility tends to allow both the holster and any attached accessories, like a pad or wedge, to operate at their best. This level of flexibility also contributes to overall comfort. The era of floppy leather holsters that required substantial support has passed. Modern holsters designed for inside-the-pants wear require a balance: they should be tight enough to provide the necessary inward force to stay securely in place, yet possess enough vertical rigidity to facilitate a smooth and efficient draw.