Ruger SP101

A little update on our clip-ons for these…  We make them to the 3″ model for a few reasons.  First and foremost the length added over the 2.25″ is minimal while worn but it has been shown over the years to greatly aid in stopping the flopping feeling.  Metal guns are heavy and with the little extra length below the belt the gun feels more secure.  Just as our J-Frame is a little longer we keep the SP101 the same.  It also happens to be a little cleaner looking and allows us to send out a holster that looks just a little better, we think. 
We can trim to any desired length on request though so don’t fret.

Lead Time as of March 2016

Most orders are getting out at around 3 weeks but some may be up to 8 weeks.  A few items are backlogged longer than that but they’re dwindling.  We’ll update when things improve.


Expect some new stuff soon too!

Local Orders

Effective immediately for all new orders we will have a smaller radius of meeting spots.  We’re dangerously close to our backlog goal and spending hours in the evening consumes too much time.


Good discussion here:


A distinction I would like to make is that the clip-on/casual carry holster is a straight drop IWB. I hate the trend of calling a foldover/taco holster that is vertical an AIWB holster. This particular holster happens to work for most people in the appendix position but differs from my AIWB with a built up wedge.

The clip doesn’t quite work well with my wedge, yet. With the wedge comes more rollover, or the feeling of, which is why I extend the small auto AIWB’s to approximately G19 length. The straight drop clip-on holster does however work quite well in the appendix position. Keeping the holster thin and using a secure attachment avoids the need for extra length to prevent the rollover. With all things it is a compromise and if something doesn’t work just speak up and I’ll do my best to get ya squared away.

MDTS Training/Raven Concealment Systems Moduloader Pocket Shield

We are working on rolling out a few attachments for this new product.  Hoping to have some images up by the first week of August and if you follow us on many of the forums there are some sneak peaks out now.  Hole spacing, holster shell refinements, and some other minor hardware details are still being sorted out but overall the product is great and we are pleased with the results we are seeing.


For more info check out MDTS Training and Raven Concealment Systems.

Clip-on holsters and updates

So things have been rough trying to expand models to meet the demands of our small customer base.  It is working out but 6 months behind where we wanted to be.  We have certainly disappointed quite a few people along the way and are doing what we can to chip away.  Right now we have a few October (2013) orders and some from November lagging behind.  That said, most of those orders are pressed and close to completion.

We also started to take some pics to update the website.  Most people use Facebook and then email the order.  This works well but it has been a long time since the website has been updated.  Getting there now, here are a few of the pics to show our belt wrap sheath, OWB, WML OWB, and clip-on J-frame.


IMG_8158s IMG_8157s IMG_8195s IMG_8240s