I think you sent me the wrong holster?

We’ve been getting this one a little more these days.  Given that there are a few ways to attach appendix carry it’s not always common to see some of the AIWB features.

We define them as:

  • Belt wedge
  • Muzzle Wedge
  • Claw/Wing
  • Muzzle Extension

There are more but these are what we use.  Our full size adjustable AIWB is a belt wedge.  We manipulate the shape under the belt to point the muzzle and grip in favorable directions.  Our small autos use a muzzle extension.  We use a longer holster to act as a keel, move the corner of the muzzle off of soft tissue at the pelvis, and for stability overall.  A muzzle wedge might be a foam pad under the muzzle, this moves the corner of the holster/muzzle off of the soft tissue and forces the muzzle out.  We prefer a muzzle extension to a muzzle wedge but both do similar things.  Current practices require replacement of the muzzle wedge whereas the muzzle extension never wears out.  Last is the claw/wing.  These trail the gun along the belt line and lever the grip inward.  The claw/wing does similar things as the belt wedge while keeping the thickness down.  Folks will find different features and combinations to work differently but we’ve pooled from years of customers and loads of knowledge from others to reach what we feel is a decent balance.

We have a store!

It’s true.  It’s in progress but it’s there.  Still gotta work some kinks out.  A few special items are priced so high to keep folks from buying them too soon so please ignore that for a bit.  
Our lead times are 1-6 weeks with most G43/CP orders shipping in about 2 weeks. We do have a little cluster of orders approaching 4-5 weeks that should be out in a day or so along with a few that’ll be out before the 2 week mark.  

Appendix Carry Definitions, Part I

We’re in a time now where if one wants a good appendix holster they can go to any number of long standing makers and get something that works.  They can get it in red, blue, black, orange, lefty, righty, and get it tomorrow.  We also happen to be in a time where folks are slapping another “A” in front of a straight drop IWB holster to boost sales.  The thing is…  This works.  So do the holsters.  Not everyone needs a $30+ upcharge on an IWB with some bulgy things to conceal their gun, sometimes the tried and true will still work.  When it won’t it really won’t and that’s a concern.  One of the efforts started by Todd Green of Pistol-Training.com was to work up some definitions so we can better discuss things.  I’m gonna do my best to link those here below, as well as copy them.




Snap 2016-06-26 at 12.58.29Official vote that will affect gun culture lingo for all time.

When talking about a typical holster (hip, iwb, aiwb) do you consider the BOTTOM of the holster to be:

* the end where the muzzle is (lowest portion of holster on your body)


* the end where the grip sticks out (“bottom” of the gun if you were holding it in your hand)

Muzzle or grip?


Second post in the series…


So based on the unanimous agreement that the “bottom” of the holster is the part closest to the ground (where the muzzle end is, with regard to a typical belt/thigh holster):

* Rotation around the x-axis (front to back axis) is ROLL, which we commonly call the “cant” of the holster.

* Rotation around the y-axis (side to side axis) is PITCH, which is what pushes the muzzle out to push the grip in toward the body (a la the wedges first introduced in the Garrity’s Gunleather In-Victus and now used as optional/add-on foam in many holsters such as the Keepers Concealment AIWB).

* Rotation around the z-axis (top to bottom axis) is YAW, which is what pushes the butt in while making the slide stick out a bit (a la the Custom Carry Concepts,LLC Shaggy, 5 Shot Leather, LLC SME, and holsters based on that design).


Ruger SP101

A little update on our clip-ons for these…  We make them to the 3″ model for a few reasons.  First and foremost the length added over the 2.25″ is minimal while worn but it has been shown over the years to greatly aid in stopping the flopping feeling.  Metal guns are heavy and with the little extra length below the belt the gun feels more secure.  Just as our J-Frame is a little longer we keep the SP101 the same.  It also happens to be a little cleaner looking and allows us to send out a holster that looks just a little better, we think. 
We can trim to any desired length on request though so don’t fret.

Lead Time as of March 2016

Most orders are getting out at around 3 weeks but some may be up to 8 weeks.  A few items are backlogged longer than that but they’re dwindling.  We’ll update when things improve.


Expect some new stuff soon too!

Local Orders

Effective immediately for all new orders we will have a smaller radius of meeting spots.  We’re dangerously close to our backlog goal and spending hours in the evening consumes too much time.