See below for instructions, tips, and tricks fro working with all of our products.

Retention Adjustment:

All of our adjustable retention holsters use two holes for adjustment.  Most often, they should be adjusted evenly to assure a clean draw, but sometimes loosening the top screw a half turn will allow for a slightly less snappy draw.  This is especially useful on the Osiris for users seeking a lighter draw.

Sheath Adjustment:

We pioneered this style of sheath to accommodate production knives.  In order to do so, we incorporate enough clearance to adjust the retention.  This is adjusted by using the loop screw to compress a neoprene washer.

Osiris Attachments:

The Osiris is an overt OWB that will have its use defined by the chosen attachment.  Most common is the Blade Tech Tek Lok, but Safariland attachments work, along with most of the popular competition hangers/brackets.


Which fasteners to use is pretty simple.  Mate the bearing surface of each part together.  Flat to flat, where possible.  In the instance of an eyelet, the cone of a standard machine screw will hold well.  Using a flat screw over an eyelet will result in a joint that can move, and then later on become loose.  The 82° angle allows the screw to nest in and keep things locked in place.  When using washers, always use hard washers.  O-rings and rubber washers do not work well for attachments.  The belt attachments are subject to movement and the soft washers allow for it.  Once movement occurs, loosening occurs.

Female Users:

We have quite a few friends who have been using our gear for years that still dress fashionably, comfortably, and are still armed throughout the day.  Please check out the following pages for some resources and to see our gear, along with other excellent products, in use.