Dark Star offers two main types of outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters.  One for a handgun without a light and one for a handgun with a weapon mounted light.  Currently we support a few lights, the Surefire X300 and X300 Ultra (and like sized lights) and the Streamlight TLR-1s/HL, and Inforce APL.  These are the two most common lights out there, but we can make a holster for many lights not listed. Please request a quote if your holster is not listed.

We can make holsters for most current service pistols request a quote.

Standard Holster:

The standard Dark Star Gear holster has a forward cant of 8-11 degrees and is very narrow, generally under 5.25″ wide.  We trim the sweatguard to be just around the slide stop on most pistols but can do a full guard at the buyers request.  We strive to use a minimal amount of kydex such that our holsters will intrude as little as possible over the users pockets.  Upon request we can make a straight drop holster as well.  See below for more options as we only wish to sell you the holster you want.

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Our current pricing is as follows:

Standard Black Outside the Waistband (OWB) Holster: $70 plus shipping
Standard Black OWB Weapon Mounted Light Holster (WML): $80 plus shipping

Color upgrades:
Currently our purchasing volume does not necessitate an increase in price for most holster colors. We feel it would be wrong to upcharge given these current circumstances. Unfortunately most camouflage patterns are more costly. To upgrade to a pattern we are currently charging $9.  Unless otherwise requested all holsters will have a black back leaving only the exposed side as the requested color.  Please specify in email if you wish to have the front and rear the same color.

We can also create the holster with any color combo you wish.


We have many customers asking for some similar options.  We can use a thinner or thicker kydex, custom cant (+/- 1.5 degrees), or a slide holster with an open bottom to accommodate many models.

Inside the Waistband (IWB) Hardware:

Our current products are only OWB products.  They are constructed so that the user could attach the most popular IWB hardware around or we can adapt our IWB loops from our AIWB holsters to your OWB to get more use.   Pull-the-Dot snap loops are $20 and standard on our AIWB’s.  Close soft loops are $20.  Either soft loop will mount to the existing holes on our OWB holster but some prefer a lower ride height.  We can add a strut to the front and rear to get proper grip clearance and lower the right height of the holster.  We now use industry standard injection molded struts.  No longer offering the IWB Kit with struts.

IWB Loops (2 PTD loops):  $20 


Legal Notice:

You are responsible for the safe and responsible handling of your firearms and their accessories. Always observe the basic rules of firearms safety. Always check the fit of any firearm in a holster with an unloaded weapon. DO NOT use a holster if there is any contact with, or movement of, the trigger during the holstering or unholstering process.  Extra caution should be shown with WML holsters that utilize a light tunnel that may allow items to enter the trigger guard area.

By purchasing a Dark Star Gear,LLC product, you acknowledge that firearms are inherently dangerous and affirmatively release Dark Star Gear,LLC and its agents and employees, from any and all liability for accidents or injuries relating to the use of the product or any firearm.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]