We are working on our attachments for the Pocket Shield.  Our offerings will include a means to attach a Shivworks Clinch Pick (live and trainer), ESEE Izula and Candiru, Glock 42, S&W Shield, and a Walther PPS.  At this time it is our opinion that a J-frame is best suited to be mounted to the Pocket Shield with other means such as the RCS Vanguard.  Our holster shell may be made for other less common firearms, size dependent.  Send us an email to discuss what you would like to mount.


Clinch Pick Sheath:  $20 shipped USPS First Class

ESEE Candiru/Izula: $20 shipped USPS First Class

G42/Shield/PPS: $35+shipping



Other knives and blades can be accommodated, please email us (info@darkstargear.com) to discuss what you wish to attach and we will help get things squared away.  Other firearms will be on a case by case basis.  Given the subjectivity some guns may not work well.  We can discuss this further through email.

For more information see the MDTS Training website and Raven Concealment Systems.

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