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We can support all Glock 9mm/.40 S&W/.357 Sig firearms with the exception of the Glock 17L and all caliber variants.   The Glock 41 will function in our G34/35 holsters.  We also support the G42 and now the G43.

We support the Smith&Wesson M&P series in 9mm/.40 S&W/.357 Sig.  Long slide variants may require special accommodations.  The standard M&P 45 is also supported.  All of these models with a thumb safety do pose a small issue but most customers opt for our standard holster with the sweatshield falling just below the safety.  We also have a semi-universal J-frame holster.  Please contact us with a specific model if there are any concerns.  We developed our mold to fit almost all of them and have yet to see one that does not work and are up for a challenge.

We support the H&K P30, HK45, and VP9.  There are a few models that work with these holsters as well.  If you have any questions contact us.  A few of the models can be added upon request.

We support the Sig P226R and a few variants but will need to discuss the nuances of the model you have.

The only Ruger is currently the SP101 revolver.  We make them to 3″ length but can trim to the 2.25″ if preferred.

We are working to create a mostly universal Beretta 92 holster.  We can accommodate the 92FS/M9/92-A1.  Beretta is another situation where a little discussion will help us get you the correct holster.

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