Gonna leave the original text as it but we think it’s silly.  Back then we wanted something that we couldn’t get.  The dramataziation is lame but it sounded cool at the time.  As more and more new makers came and went they all had the same silly about us page.  We wanted something and had to make it.  


In 2009 as the training season unfolded, we sought a much narrower footprint holster than what was currently available.  After exhaustive correspondence with numerous manufacturers, their unwillingness to attempt our new idea was obvious.  Necessity being the mother of invention… Dark Star Gear was born.

Dark Star Gear strives to make holsters and pouches that are minimal in design.  Through personal experience and customer feedback, the minimal footprint gear works well with the most amount of people.  We also make every attempt to improve the product as feedback arrives.

If you have an suggestion for an improvement or an idea for a completely new product feel free to email us.  If it ends up being something we like just as much you, expect the first one we make to hit the mail, free of charge.


Legal Notice:

You are responsible for the safe and responsible handling of your firearms and their accessories. Always observe the basic rules of firearms safety. Always check the fit of any firearm in a holster with an unloaded weapon. DO NOT use a holster if there is any contact with, or movement of, the trigger during the holstering or unholstering process.  Extra caution should be shown with WML holsters that utilize a light tunnel that may allow items to enter the trigger guard area.

By purchasing a Dark Star Gear,LLC product, you acknowledge that firearms are inherently dangerous and affirmatively release Dark Star Gear,LLC and its agents and employees, from any and all liability for accidents or injuries relating to the use of the product or any firearm.